Volvo is a Swedish manufacturer of cars, trucks, buses, marine engines, aerospace drive systems, construction equipment, etc. The unit producing the automobiles is called Volvo Car Corporation. The Volvo trademark was registered in 1911 by SKF AB and the company itself was incorporated in 1915 as a subsidiary of SKF. However, for its birthday is considered the day in which the first Volvo car left the automobile factory in Gothenburg - 14 April 1927. The car model was ÖV 4. The name Volvo comes from Latin and means 'I roll' and was conceived as the name of a special series of ball bearings produced by SKF but the company didn't use till 1924 when its founders Gustav Larson and Assar Gabrielsson decided to build safe cars, which could withstand the harsh weather and rough roads of Sweden. Since that moment on the main values in producing cars under the Volvo brand are safety, design, quality and environment protection. The brand has always been synonymous to solidity and reliability. The average age of a Volvo to be discarded is 19.8 years, which is second only to Mercedes cars. The Volvo P1800 model from 1966 is also the Guinness World Record holder for most miles driven by a single owner in a non-commercial vehicle, which sum up to 2.8 million miles. Safety has a long history in Volvo models. For 70 years the company has more than 45 major safety inventions and contributions. The 1944 PV model had laminated glass windows. The 1956 Amazon model became the first car with padded dashboards. In 1959 all Volvo cars included the 3-Point Safety Belt patented by the Volvo engineer Nils Bohlin. The first rear-facing child seat was developed by the company in 1964. Safety innovations continued in 1986 with the first central high-mounted stoplight. 1991 brought further innovations in safe-belts and child-seats as well as the introduction of the Side Impact Protection System (SIPS). Volvo was the first to place side air bags in 1995 and a head-protecting airbag in 1998. The Whiplash Protection System was introduced in 1998 to prevent injury of front seat users during collisions. In 2004 was launched the BLIS system, which detects vehicles entering the blind spot of the car with a side view mirror mounted sensor and alerts the driver. In January 1999 the Volvo Group sold its car division to Ford Motor Company, which on its turn has sold it to China's Zhejiang Geely Holding Group in 2010. The present portfolio of Volvo Cars includes the C30 and C79 coupes, the S40, S60 and S80 sedans, the V50 combi, the XC60, XC70 and XC90 crossovers. Technical specifications and data for a range of car models by Volvo may be checked out by clicking on the names of the car models from the catalog below.
Volvo 760
760 GLE 1983~ 2.8 l (2849 cc)116 kW (158 ps)233 Nm (171 ft-lb)190 km/h4787.00 mm1753.00 mm1413.00 mm
760 Turbo Diesel 1985~ 2.4 l (2383 cc)80 kW (109 ps)205 Nm (151 ft-lb)175 km/h4784.00 mm1761.00 mm1431.00 mm
760 Turbo 1985~ 2.3 l (2316 cc)133 kW (181 ps)261 Nm (192 ft-lb)201 km/h4784.00 mm1761.00 mm1431.00 mm
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