Chrysler Group LL, together with General Motors (GM) and Ford, Chrysler is one of the "Big Three" American automotive companies. With its brands Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and RAM, it is the sixteenth largest car producer in the world (OICA, 2009). The company has always stood up for safety, performance and memorable design. Its history can be traced back to 1904 whit the establishment of the Maxwell-Briscoe Company, which in 1907 built the largest car factory in the world for its time. In 1913 Walter Flanders bought it and renamed it to Maxwell Motor Company. With 60 000 sold cars in 1914 it was considered one of the top American car manufactures. After the recession following WWI, Walter P. Chrysler took controlling interest in Maxwell. In 1925 was formed the Chrysler Corporation. The first Chrysler branded car - the 70 model, appeared in 1924. In 1926 were introduced the Touring and the Imperial, which remained in production till 1993. The early years of Chrysler were marked by numerous innovations, some adopted by the whole car manufacturing industry. To name a few: the first mass-produced four-wheel hydraulic brakes, the safety wheel with a ridged rim, which keeps a deflated tyre from flying off the wheel, high-compression engine with replaceable-element oil filter, Oilite bearings, rubber engine mounts which reduce vibration, etc. The 30s also witnessed a number of major innovations by Chrysler. After WWII the company experienced difficult times but it quickly regained its power in the late 40s and 50s as to reach top levels in the 60s. At that point it was the only American car producer to offer unibody construction in all production lines, which nowadays has become a standard for all car manufacturers. During the 60s are introduced the Valiant (a top seller in the compact car market) and the first Chrysler 300. With severe law restrictions and the oil crises from the 70s this decade turned out to be quite challenging for Chrysler. In 1978 Lee Iacocca became its CEO and brought it back to its glory. His reforms include the introduction of several models such as the Mini Max, K-Car and the minivan. The best 70s models of Chrysler include LeBaron and Centura; the 80s - Conquest, Voyager, Saratoga; the 90s - Cirrus, Concorde, Sebring, Viper. The current car portfolio of Chrysler branded cars includes the Chrysler 300 (convertible, sedan, station wagon), PT Cruiser (hatchback, convertible), Sebring (sedan, coupe, convertible), Town & Country (minivan). In 2011 are introduced the new Town & Country as well as the new Chrysler 200. Below are listed plenty of Chrysler models, for which are provided detailed technical specifications.
Chrysler Dual
Dual Cowl Phaeton 1997~ 5.4 l (5400 cc)317 kW (431 ps)---5461.00 mm1981.00 mm1398.00 mm
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