The Ford Motor Company is an American automaker, which owns the Ford, Lincoln (since 1922) and Mercury (since 1938, to be discontinued at the end of 2010) brands and has stakes in Aston Martin, UK and Mazda, Japan. It used to own Volvo, which was sold to the Chinese Zhejiang Geely Holding Group in 2010 as well as Jaguar and Land Rover, which were sold to the Indian Tata Motors in 2008. The company was established in 1903 by Henry Ford. The major contribution of Ford in the automobile industry was the employment of large-scale car manufacturing by using manufacturing sequences typified by moving assembly lines, which allowed producing plenty of units at low prices. The innovations and methods in production of Henry Ford were so influential that by 1914 they were known as Fordism. Its oval logo was introduced in 1907 with the Ford script and dark blue background introduced in 1928. The company has been family-controlled for more than a century. By the end of 1920 it was producing 50% of all cars in the USA and 40% of all cars in the UK. In 1965 were sold more than 2 million Ford cars in the US alone, which rose to the all time high 2.35 million in 1973. At present Ford is the fourth largest car and LCV manufacturer in the world (OICA, 2009) and the second largest in the USA. Some of the most famous Ford models in the history are the Model T (1908-1927 the first affordable automobile), Model A (1927-1931 the second huge success for after Model T), the V-8 Model B (a.k.a. Model 18, Model 40), Ford Thunderbird (1955-1997 created the marketing niche for a personal luxury car), Ford Mustang (since 1965, the most successful after Model A), the Ford Escort (1968-2003) replaced by the Focus (since 1998), Ford Fiesta (since 1976, sold more than 12 million units). Ford has a huge line of brands produced for the US, European and other markets. Some of the current brands in the Ford car portfolio are Ka (hatchbacks and convertibles), Fiesta (subcompact/supermini cars), Focus (small family cars), Fusion (estates and mini MVPs), Mondeo (large family car), Mustang (convertibles and coupes), Taurus (USA, full-size car), C-Max (compact MVP), S-Max (sedans an MVPs), Galaxy (large MVP). The group of van brands includes Transit, E-Series, Econovan, Endeavor, I-Max. The crossover segment of Ford incorporates the Edge and Flex brands, while the SUV segment includes the Escape, Everest, Edge, Flex, Fusion, Taurus X, Territory, Sport Trac, Explorer and Expedition. Below may be seen a list with various Ford models, for which are provided specific technical details.
Ford Orion
Orion 1.3 GL 1983~ 1.3 l (1297 cc)51 kW (69 ps)100 Nm (73 ft-lb)157 km/h4194.00 mm1641.00 mm1394.00 mm
Orion 1.6 1983~ 1.6 l (1597 cc)59 kW (81 ps)126 Nm (92 ft-lb)168 km/h4194.00 mm1641.00 mm1394.00 mm
Orion 1.6 Injection 1984~ 1.6 l (1597 cc)78 kW (106 ps)137 Nm (101 ft-lb)187 km/h4194.00 mm1641.00 mm1394.00 mm
Orion Diesel 1984~ 1.6 l (1608 cc)40 kW (55 ps)96 Nm (70 ft-lb)149 km/h4194.00 mm1589.00 mm1394.00 mm
Orion 1.4 L Escort Mark 4 1986~ 1.4 l (1392 cc)55 kW (75 ps)109 Nm (80 ft-lb)168 km/h4215.00 mm1640.00 mm1388.00 mm
Orion 1.3 Escort Mark 4 1986~ 1.3 l (1297 cc)47 kW (64 ps)102 Nm (75 ft-lb)159 km/h4215.00 mm1640.00 mm1388.00 mm
Orion Ghia 1.6i Escort Mark 4 1986~ 1.6 l (1597 cc)78 kW (106 ps)138 Nm (101 ft-lb)182 km/h4215.00 mm1640.00 mm1388.00 mm
Orion 1.8 Diesel Escort Mark 4 1986~ 1.8 l (1753 cc)45 kW (62 ps)111 Nm (81 ft-lb)151 km/h4215.00 mm1640.00 mm1388.00 mm
Orion 1.6 L Escort Mark 4 1986~ 1.6 l (1597 cc)66 kW (90 ps)133 Nm (98 ft-lb)180 km/h4215.00 mm1640.00 mm1388.00 mm
Orion 1.6 L Automatic Escort Mark 4 1986~ 1.6 l (1597 cc)66 kW (90 ps)133 Nm (98 ft-lb)173 km/h4215.00 mm1640.00 mm1388.00 mm
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